About Us

KBA was founded by a group of local beekeepers in the 1980s with the goal of educating others on the art of beekeeping and providing support to the beekeeping community. The founders met monthly at the Sugar River Community Room in Newport, NH and started KBA’s annual Bee School. With increased interest in beekeeping, this family friendly club has grown to more than 100 members of all ages and experience in recent years. Many of whom actively participate in the club ‘s frequent activities.

The Kearsarge region is temperate with four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, with average temperatures of 80o F, and winters cold and snowy, with temperatures as low as 10o F.

Annual precipitation is 49 inches of rain and 68 inches of snow which covers the ground for up to six months every year. Beekeepers in this region begin preparing the bees for winter in August!

2024 KBA Club Officers

Shreve Soule  

Patrice Fredette

Robin Gray  

Recording Secretary
Diane Mancino

Newsletter Editor
Marilyn Milne

To connect with any of these members please send your inquiry to  kbanhclub@gmail.com

KBA Committee Representatives

Bee School

Bob DeLuca

Club Apiary

Randy Fleury

Community Education & Outreach

Kim Pease

‘Bee with us’ for our monthly meetings, guest speakers, live demonstrations, and various social gatherings.

Club Meetings

Meetings are a great time to chat with more experienced members and ask questions. We love talking bees! Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month and begin at 9am. Old and new business is discussed, followed by club activities such as live demonstrations and guest speakers. The meeting locations change throughout the season depending on the agenda including the Summer Picnic in July at the club apiary, and the Harvest Dinner in November.

Keep the conversation going on social media and discover how other beekeepers are managing their hives in New Hampshire.