KBA Summer Workshop Schedule

HOWS:  (Hands-on Workshop Series) @ KBA Apiary, 223 North Road, Sunapee, NH

All workshops are Wednesday evenings, 6-8 p.m. (Rain postpones to following day)

  • Here is the schedule of workshops through Aug. 1:
    • June 6:  Hive inspections/Questions/ Apiary Maintenance
    • June 13: Hive inspections/Questions/ Apiary Maintenance
    • June 20:  Queen Marking and Wing Clipping
    • June 27:  Mid-summer Mite Treatment and Honey Flow/Harvesting Honey
      • Speaker:  Dana Ramspott
    • July 11: Hive Inspections/Questions/ Apiary Maintenance
    • July18:  Honey Harvesting
      • Speaker:  Dana Ramspott
    • July 25: Hive Inspections/Questions/ Apiary Maintenance
    • August 1:  Summer Dearth/What to Do
      • Speaker:  Eric Deking

For map and directions to KBA apiary, please see May 2018 newsletter available on our website.